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mp's boo boo cream

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*PG label for magic healing shit*

my son, mp, named this boo boo cream when he could just talk- since then, it literally is requested for every single bump, bruise and scratch. 

the herbs in it are wonderful for soothing inflammation and irritation on the skin; eczema, rashes, chafed skin, blisters...must I go on?!

how do we get the herbs in the cream? first...I lug my ass around and pick most of the shit from wherever I find it growing, I let it wilt (or dry completely for storage) and then...the magic happens.  I put the entire mixture of herbs in oil and let them infuse, kinda like an herb tea. Heat really helps infusion, so sometimes I put um in the crock pot or simply sit um out in the warm sun.  Then I add some beeswax to harden it up and boom, she's done. You can thank Mother Earth for her badassness. 


enjoy. :)