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motherfucking marvelous magnesium mist

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google it. I can't legally give you all the juicy details of how fucking wonderful it is- but Dr. Google can. but... keep reading for a lil' unsolicited advice. ;)

stress, anxiety, trouble sleeping, muscle soreness and fatigue, headaches, pms, high blood sugar, restless leg syndrome, muscle twitching/spasms and cramping, hypertension, osteoporosis, sore back....
got some of that shit going on? buy this shit. 

seriously- magnesium deficiency can rear its head in all sorts of ways- absorbing it through the skin is the best way to get it.

as my bff says: ever notice how great you sleep- and how good you feel after a day at the ocean?  the ocean is full of magnesium- and you soaked that shit up all day- boom! 

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