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April Monthly Box- Jessi's Faves!

Regular price $60.00

This months box is full of Jessi's must haves and favorite things!

So, what do ya get?

you get full size of all the things I MUST have for everyday use- face wash (works on any skin type-m no BS), body wash- (badass bitches can't be stinky) legit wrinkle fighting shit (best facial moisturizer on the fucking planet, a GIANT tinted lip balm (can you really do spring without sweet pink lippies?) herb infused body oil (you 'bout to bring them winter legs out and they need some moisture and a body scrub refill--who can live without scrub?

Also, I freaking love tiny things!

Like cute little stuff makes my heart so happy- so... you get a tiny little set of corn hole boards, a tiny little keychain with a croc shoe, tiny little handmade elephant magnet and a must have for everyone....a hair-tie- that says fuck this shit. 

And....it all comes in the badassest makeup bag you've ever seen!!! It's a secret.

I only ordered 12 of everything, so hurry up and order now! 


recap-full size: face wash, body wash, legit wrinkle fightin' shit, GIANT lip balm, herb infused body oil, scrub refill, tiny cornhole set, croc shoe keychain, elephant magnet and hair-tie. 


PS- next month I am going back to the $25 dollar boxes! ok, bye.