every label designed for your viewing pleasure. enjoy.

let's talk about refills!

when looking through the products, you'll see most everything has a refill option- with this option you DO NOT get a spray bottle or jar-it comes in a sealed bag, you must put it in a package of your choice. this saves our planet and your money. hot damn! :)

for example: you've already ordered Miss Puss and you just need to refill your bottle- or you already have your own bottle. 

*scrubs can be put in any kinda thing you want with a lid-mason jar, tupperware, old scrub jar..

*foaming soap refills can be put in any foaming dispenser- yes, even that old b&bworks one you have! 

a little notey-poo about packaging

what you see is the label for the product- its packaging is questionable- might be a shiny zippy bag- might be a heat seal krafty papery baggie, could be a fucking jar- who knows- but I tell you what you can know....you can always know that whatever is in that package is made with love, integrity and sent to you full of good vibes 💗 & it'll always have that badass label! 

note about me!

my full time job is a hairdresser! and as you know the govmnt' closed me down for 6 weeks, so I have a shit ton of clients to catch up on.

my turn around time is 7-10 business days, and sometimes its 1 day, sometimes it's 10- 

but chill the fuck out, I got your order and I will make is as sooooon as I can. promise. remember, make it: means I have to fucking make it from scratch! love y'all, mean it.